Having driven many a golf cart in my day, I have never viewed them as much more than a means of transportation from shot to shot as I spray my ball all over the course like a sprinkler. Sure, they come in handy for carrying my bag and holding my much-needed drink as I drive two fairways over to find my tee shot, but that’s about it.

However, the new ride that Mercedes-Benz designed and Danish golf cart maker Garia engineered has changed my whole perspective on subject. Seriously, this luxury concept has opened my eyes to what a golf cart could and should be. You may think it’s just a golf cart, but having the following amenities at your disposal while you cruise from tee to green (and many spots in between) will soon have you thinking otherwise…

sporty-looks copy
1. Sporty Looks
Upon first glance, you can see this four-wheeler is not your normal boxy golf cart. Features like the elongated windshield, overhanging carbon-fiber roof, spoiler and carbon-fiber diffuser make it far sportier. These features will definitely turn heads at your local links.

spoiler2. Functional Spoiler
Yes, the spoiler is functional, but not in the way you are thinking. Considering the cart tops out at 20 miles per hour, the spoiler isn’t keeping the car from flipping at high speeds. Instead, it is a fully integrated golf bag holder, designed to hold two golf bags at a convenient angle, making it far easier for golfers to remove and replace their clubs.

leather seats3. Lounge-like Leather Seats
Those customary rubbery bench seats are a thing of the past when it comes to the Mercedes-Benz golf cart. Soft, supple leather and an angled back make sitting in this golf cart like sliding into a comfy lounge chair. That’s a pretty sweet feature when you are sipping Arnold Palmers and waiting for the hacks in front of you to tee off.

fridge4. Refrigerator Tray
Yes, there really is a refrigerator on this golf cart. You no longer have to worry about trading in the now-warm extra beer you bought for a colder one. The refrigerator drawer, located underneath the seat, is perfect for stashing brews and keeping them cool during your round.

touchscreen5. Fully Integrated Onboard Touchscreen
In the digital age, what’s a golf cart without a touchpad? This fully integrated system provides important information like the layout of the course and your location on it. It also controls the bluetooth and hi-fi speaker system so you can cruise down the fairway to “Anyway You Want It” like Rodney Dangerfield did back in the day.