The Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG is a vehicle that gets more stares than a Rolls-Royce and has more power than most supercars. It may not be the fastest or most agile performance SUV, but it’s one of the most impractical, exotic cars on the road, and that’s why we lust after it. It’s like staring into the sun while watching a car wreck; you just can’t look away… And here’s why you won’t want to.

It hits like a sledgehammer in subtlety and will power through most matter with rudimentary and brute force thanks to a hand-massaged AMG V12 motor. Mercedes AMG decided that the “normal” 563 horsepower twin-turbo V8 wasn’t enough, so they shoehorned a massive 621 horsepower 12-cylinder under the hood, which is enough to make this SUV smoke that sports car next to you at the light.

It also sounds like a nuclear submarine upon ignition; making that little boy inside of you giddy as can be. Like a mix of Lamborghini meets tractor-trailer meets razor blades in a blender. You can feel and hear the motor working to satisfy your right foot. In fact, as of right now, this is the only V12 SUV you can buy, and that makes it clearly something to lust after.

If there’s one overwhelming element of any lust-worthy vehicle, it has to be its looks. The G65 AMG looks as if it just stepped off the set of Apocalypse Now with its simple, yet sculpted killer appearance. Masculinity mixed with big wheel arches, a massive brush guard up front and a full-size-expedition-worthy spare in the rear hints at its capability. It’s rough, rugged and raw.  It might not outrun a Ferrari, but it would certainly crush it.

The G65 AMG has more torque than most hypercars. Sure, the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 would absolutely destroy the G65 AMG in every metric of on-road performance, but the G65 AMG is an SUV! At 738 lb.-ft of torque, the G65 can get to 0-60 mph in only 5.2 seconds.

It makes other cars feel like they don’t exist. The G65 is a large but lean SUV. It’s large in that it weighs almost three tons and is over 6.3-feet tall, which makes you feel like you’re towering over Suburbans because the seat is so high. And even though it’s exactly as wide as it is high, it’s still much more compact than most SUVs, meaning you can duck and weave through traffic like a funambulist crossing the street.

Shutting the doors sounds like you’re driving something expensive. It’s not every day you get into a car that sounds like you’re going away for a long time. It’s an authoritative “clunk” that makes you feel secure, tucked-in and almost invincible. It’s the little things in the G65 AMG that make you see where the money went.

The most obvious sign of an exotic car is just how much fuel it sucks down. In the G65’s case, A LOT! It sucks down more fuel than a Lamborghini. You’re going to pay over $11,500 on fuel in five years, but you know what they say: You gotta pay to play.

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