Axe shower gel is a success story in my opinion because they somehow made it OK for dudes to spend 6 friggin bucks on a fancy bottle of soap. Soap?! Guy used to hate soap.

And how did they do it? By making manly-as-hell commercials like this one that makes fun of pussies who use girly soaps. You all know you’ve done it. You ran out of ‘Irish Spring Sport’ at home and dabbled with a little of your girlfriend’s Herbal Essences or Suave Body Wash. "Oooh strawberry scented!", you said. "I like strawberries, why not?", you wondered. Big mistake, buddy!

Well now you can forever feel shame for not being a man who gets rubbed down by hot ‘furry fetish’ chicks in a large public fountain. Shame on you, men. The following commercial is currently only running in Argentina, but for the sake of non-pussies everywhere I hope it comes stateside PRONTO!

Axe Soap Makes You A Man – Watch more free videos

(via) AdFreak: Getting dressed by animals is always sketchy, September 10, 2008