It’s Christmas time and we should be thankful for all things we have and be glad we’re not most people on this page. I’ll start the year with companies that aren’t going to have a nice Christmas or a prosperous New Year. There are many to choose from and this one actually was the short of the year this past year as well. Overstock (OSTK) is not going to make it. The stock is already heavily shorted and most notibly by Rocker Partners. Even Overstock knows it is in trouble because it had to issue a press release criticizing all the shorts and how they were affecting the stock. Last time I checked, you run a good business and the stock price will follow. The stock has fallen 40 points this year to 33 or so and has more room to fall. I don’t know if there is a ton of money to be made in the options as there is already a ton of premium in them but just shorting the stock should work out just fine. Why don’t I like the stock? First, just go to the front page and look at the best sellers. Down comforter? Not an ipod in the group. The best selling item in the world and not even in the top sellers. Probably because they sell overstock and anything good is usually not “overstocked”. Second, as said before, management is more concerned with image and stock price and not how they are running the business. Patrick Byrne actually posted a six page open letter to the SEC on the Motley Fool message boards. He needs to get back to work and look at his balance sheet instead of the message boards. Merry Christmas