I can’t believe you windows users put up with this kind of stuff. They are going to start charging $49.95 for Windows OneCare Live, a service to protect you from virus, spyware, and internet attacks. Why is this not free with the purchase of Windows? Why can’t you download patches and preventative software? I get tired of promoting Apple but when their stuff has problems they take care of it. Yes I will get some emails about batteries and such, but in general they have the best customer service in the world. Microsoft will give you service also but for $49.95. You want to make enough money to buy the service? Short Symantic and McAfee (OPINION). I may put these shorts in my portfolio soon. Microsoft I won’t touch either way because fools are going to buy this things because it’s cheaper than the alternative and what else are you to do? I know, switch your home computer to Apple.