Midgets have never had an easy row to hoe. And, now, they’ve got mascots standing in their way. Two tribes from the edge of sportsdom are clashing on the gridiron, on the court, in parking lots, and, really, anywhere they meet.

And you’re in on the action. 5 little people take on 5 normal-sized mascots in a series of 30 ridiculous competitions, and the overall winner of this mad competition is awarded a million dollar prize. Self-described as “Borat meets Jackass,” “Midgets versus Mascots” takes the intoxicated fever dreams of every young man’s fight fantasy and puts them on film. It’s not just random, hobo-level midgets and no-name mascots from the middle of nowhere, either. Perhaps you’ve heard of Scottie Pippen. Perhaps you’d like to see him pummel a little person in rage. Certainly, that’s something we can get behind. The piece de resistance, though, comes in the comically cute leader of the little people (both culturally and in the film), the one and only Gary Coleman.  Watch the trailer here and order your copy today.