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How To Impress A Girl At School

Knowing how to impress a girl at school requires some education by itself. School is a great place to meet girls. The ha ...


How To Impress A Russian Girl

It is not shocking that you want to learn how to impress a Russian girl. In fact, when you think of the ultimate woman, ...


Blind Date Etiquette

Going on a blind date takes a lot of determination, poise, and of course, etiquette. Doing your research beforehand will ...


How Not To Act On A First Date

Need to know how not to act on a first date? If the beautiful girl you met in line at the bank last week finally said ye ...


Signs Of Emotional Cheating

Signs of emotional cheating may be easier to spot than physical cheating. Often, when only a person’s feeling ...


Supercharge Your Romance

‘Monogamy’ to most dudes sounds a lot like ‘Boring Rut’. Okay, the two sound nothing alike, but ...


Jewish Divorce Law

Jewish divorce law is ruled by the ancient Talmud, but most of the divorce laws are realistic and fair and can be applie ...


Give Your Girl a Tune Up

Your girlfriend and a 1999 Ford F-150 have (at least) one thing in common.  They both need a tune up. It’s no secret tha ...

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