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Jewish Divorce Law

Jewish divorce law is ruled by the ancient Talmud, but most of the divorce laws are realistic and fair and can be applie ...


Give Your Girl a Tune Up

Your girlfriend and a 1999 Ford F-150 have (at least) one thing in common.  They both need a tune up. It’s no secret tha ...


How to Know Not to Get Married

Richard Butler was going to propose to his girlfriend atop a scenic, North Carolina mountaintop. He planned a hike ...


Vietnamese Dating Etiquette

Vietnamese dating etiquette differs from other forms of romantic courtship in certain aspects. What traditions are invol ...


Have a Summer Fling

By: Jenny Foughner  Of all the ubiquitous warm-weather word pairings (‘beach’ and ‘ball,’ & ...


How To Initiate A First Kiss

Are you wondering how to initiate a first kiss? The first kiss with a woman should be one of the most memorable times of ...


10 Douchiest Phone Messages

If you are an educated, well-adjusted male, then you have probably never left one of these 10 douchiest phone messages. ...

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