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10 Douchey Things Women Love

Did you notice something about The Wolf of Wall Street? Jordan Belfort was a complete douchebag. And he bagged a ton of women. (Also, this wasn’t a fi ...

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Vietnamese dating etiquette differs from other forms of romantic courtship in certain aspects. What traditions are invol ...


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How To Initiate A First Kiss

Are you wondering how to initiate a first kiss? The first kiss with a woman should be one of the most memorable times of ...


10 Douchiest Phone Messages

If you are an educated, well-adjusted male, then you have probably never left one of these 10 douchiest phone messages. ...


The NSA Relationship

By: Jenny Foughner Eskimos supposedly have hundreds of words for ‘snow’ (and although .5 minutes of int ...


When Love and Work Collide

By: Jenny Foughner In the tumultuous world of amorous entanglements, workplace romance ranks only slightly below gett ...


How To File For Divorce

If you want to end your marriage, you need to know how to file for divorce. You can either file for a no-fault or fault ...

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