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Sometimes – wait, who are we kidding? Always – being successful in your relationship means gaining the upper ...


Wow Your Lady on the Cheap

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How Women Masturbate

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how women masturbate. Women can please themselves in a variety of ways ...


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Although working in close quarters can make it tempting to want to learn how to date a co-worker, mixing your love life ...


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Need to know how to write a personal ad? Writing a personal ad for an online dating site may seem like a daunting task. ...


How to Date a Widow

How to date a widow is a lot like dating a woman who's been through a break-up, but with a twist. This woman's f ...


Worst Places to Meet Women

Curious about the worst places to meet women? Dudes who have half a brain and are reasonably good looking but still have ...


How To Hide Porn From Her

It may not be the biggest of your worries but it’s good to know how to hide porn from her. It not only makes you s ...

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