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10 Douchey Things Women Love

Did you notice something about The Wolf of Wall Street? Jordan Belfort was a complete douchebag. And he bagged a ton of women. (Also, this wasn’t a fi ...

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For those of you that are on the fence about whether or not it’s something you might want to do, we present 10 rea ...


How To Set Up A Blind Date

So you want to play matchmaker for a friend and want to know how to set up a blind date for him or her? Wonderful! Even ...


5 Reasons To Accept A Job

If you are offered a job, these 5 reasons to accept a job will make it easy for you to decide whether to accept or not. ...


How to Meet Women at the Gym

Looking for tips on how to meet women at the gym? Meeting women at the gym can be a challenge. It sounds simple enough: ...


How to Play Hard to Get

For most people, how to play hard to get is just one of the many dating games. Though most may think that it's a wom ...


Catch Her Cheating

No one wants their beloved loving up a stranger's bed, but, let's be honest, it happens. More often than anyone would li ...


Best Condoms For Thick Penises

Finding the best condoms for thick penises is no doubt a challenging affair. Putting a standard size condom on a thick p ...


How to Meet Women in College

To learn how to meet women in college, you first need to decide what you want out of the meeting. Are you looking for a ...

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