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10 Douchey Things Women Love

Did you notice something about The Wolf of Wall Street? Jordan Belfort was a complete douchebag. And he bagged a ton of women. (Also, this wasn’t a fi ...

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How Does Speed Dating Work? If you are in the market for love in this day and age, you know that finding Mrs. Right isn& ...


How To Make Out With A Girl

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How to Date Without a Car

So you did it you have a date, But how to date with out a car? You finally build up a enough nerve to ask ...


How to Ruin a Date

If you've been set up on a blind date or are doing a friend a favor by taking out their bridge-troll of a friend for ...


10 Best Romantic Pickup Lines

If you are looking to use a one of the ten best romantic pickup lines on a woman, make sure you use a good one. Using th ...

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