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Bad Habits In A Relationship

Just about everyone falls into bad habits in a relationship. As a couple moves on from the rush of that exciting initial ...


Find Out Who Your Friends Are

Find out who your friends are so that you can be sure of who you can depend and count on when times get tough or if you ...


Love Hurts Quotes

These love hurts quotes are great examples of exactly what the other side of love can be and how much it can hurt. Love ...


Self Reliance Quotes

If you're ready to man up and wear the pants in your life, these self reliance quotes will give you a shot of philos ...


Are You A Closet Homophobe?

Now that the smoke has cleared from the gay slurs uttered by Kobe Bryant, Joachim Noah and Braves pitching coach Roger M ...


How To Be Awesome

Learn how to be awesome and stand out from the crowd. Even though the term itself is quite overused in today’s ver ...


I’m Over You Quotes

"I'm Over You" quotes can be zesty and sting right where its important. Getting out of a relationship isn& ...


Insecurity Quotes

When you just can’t bear being you for one more moment, take a stroll through the best quotes about insecurity to ...


A Dirty Dilemma, Debated

Sometimes in life, a man gets stuck between a rock and a hard place. A dirty dilemma, if you will. At such times, your b ...


I Hate You Quotes

Everybody has those days where they need to find "I hate you" quotes for Facebook statuses, Twitter updates an ...


Caught Cheating

If you made the huge mistake of cheating on your significant other, you need to know how to handle yourself if you are c ...


People Change Quotes

People change quotes reinforce the fact that no matter what you believe, your core feelings and beliefs guide you to con ...


Stay Strong Quotes

Need some Stay Strong quotes? Having a quote that motivates people to stay strong in the most difficult times can be rea ...

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