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10 Douchey Things Women Love

Did you notice something about The Wolf of Wall Street? Jordan Belfort was a complete douchebag. And he bagged a ton of women. (Also, this wasn’t a fi ...

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These 10 best first date gift ideas include simple, inexpensive items that are long on sentiment and short on cost. A fi ...


10 Romantic Cheap Date Ideas

If you're broke but still want to show your date a good time, try these 10 romantic cheap date ideas. You don't ...


How To Get Married Online

To learn how to get married online, you must first understand that there are only four states in the U.S. that recognize ...


Dont Make These Dating MISStakes

Don’t be completely blinded by looks. No matter how hot a girl you’re pursuing is, she may have certain personality trai ...


10 Signs She Wants To Marry You

The 10 signs she wants to marry you are as clear as day to most girls, but guys made need some help realizing what they ...


How To Kiss Girlfriend’s Neck

When you are trying to turn your girlfriend on, you should know how to kiss your girlfriends neck. There are many ways t ...


How Not To Lose Your Girlfriend

If you are currently in a relationship with a wonderful woman, you should know how not to lose your girlfriend. You migh ...

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