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Her Sex Secret: How to Have Hot Period Sex

Blame it on the hormones: many women say they're at their horniest when they're on their period. But there's no bigger turnoff than a guy who refuses to engage in period sex. Intimidated? Don't be. She won't expect you to use your fingers or go down on her. In fact, she would probably prefer if you didn't. And she won't need your help getting wet — she's already there — so you can play with her b ...


50 Best Sex Tips Ever

We scoured the internet to bring you the steamiest tips, hottest positions and most erogenous tricks. These 50 will surely make you sweat, and give her the orgasm of her life. 1. Use your breath. “Use your breath to breathe on your sweetie’s skin. Blow sweet caresses on his/her neck, chest, stomach, palms, inside of the wrists, and ears.  Of course, it is also very potent to gently blow warm br ...


Her Sex Secret: The Best Shower Sex

Nothing is hotter than the feeling of sliding your warm, wet body against your lover in a steamy shower. But just because you're in the shower doesn't mean you need to have shower sex. Too many bathro ...

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When it comes to dating and communication between the genders, there’s so much emphasis on what to say to get a woman in ...


6 Sex Injuries You Should Fear

Sex, sex, sex. Great, right? Sure it is. But like any physical activity, it’s not without risk. Not like, hang-gliding r ...


10 Ways to Get Her to “O”

Whether you’re a guy or girl, nothing beats a great orgasm. Trouble is, too often women don’t reach one during sex. So w ...

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