Finally, a sensible solution for customizing and creating your own brand of donuts in the comfort of your own home. No longer will have you be forced to wear pants, shirts, and shoes when the donut monkey climbs on your back.

The aptly-named Mini Donut Factory is what a George Foreman grill would be if George Foreman were Homer Simpson. There’s not fat-catching tray on this thing (unless you consider the donuts themselves the fat-catchers). The Mini Donut Factory includes a recipe book so you can make your own donuts, but it also works with “any store-bought donut mix” (they have that in stores?). It’s just $20, and you can get it from Think Geek.


  • Bake delicious fresh donuts in less than 4 minutes

  • Easy to use and safe for even the youngest baker

  • Recipe book included

  • Compatible with any store bought donut mix

  • Easy to clean non-stick surface