When purchasing a new flashlight, you want to make sure that it illuminates whatever you’re pointing at, maintains power and is rugged enough to withstand the occasional drop.

But if it can also light some shit on fire… well, you’re not going to say no to that.

And that’s exactly what the FlashTorch Mini can do. It’s made from military-grade aluminum, and the halogen lamp packs a real punch—both in the lighting up rooms and the starting fires categories. Each feature comes courtesy of the 2300-lumen output which, to be entirely clear, is a hell of a lot of lumens for a flashlight. And that gives you some options, available via multiple power modes.

The heat-resistant lens and reflector can channel light into a wide plane, which is great for illuminating open areas like the woods or a scary basement. But you can also concentrate all that power into some serious, acute heat—enough to light paper kindling for your fire.

Now keep that fire-starting thought, but stand the flashlight upright, put a metal pan on top and crack an egg into that pan. In a few minutes, you’ll have literally cooked yourself some breakfast.

Probably best to keep this thing out of your pants pocket.