If you find yourself high atop the Italian-Slovenian border, there lies a shelter. It is precariously—but apparently safely—settled onto the edge of a peak and ready to house weary climbers for the night before they head back out into the elements.

Built by local firm OFIS Arhitekti, the minimalist Kanin Winter Cabin was commissioned by the Slovenian Mountaineer Association. It measures in at fewer than 10 square meters and the sparse, wood-lined interior features just three platforms for resting, plus a set of antlers for ambiance. So it’s not large, or even all that comfortable. But what it lacks in size and amenities, it makes up for in durability. That’s good, because the mountain is known for its massive snowfalls, heavy rains and strong winds that prove hazardous if you’re not properly enclosed. There’s also a big window looking out over the ridge, which is perfect for taking in the sweeping views, but terrifying if you’re one of those rare climbers who’s afraid of heights.

To get there, you’ll need to make your way up the mountain. Or if that seems too difficult, you can also reach the cabin by helicopter. That’s how the shelter got there in the first place. It was built on the ground and the Slovenian army then airlifted it into position.

Now that you know that’s a service, maybe they can airlift you, too.