A lot can happen in 60 years. But when evaluating a classic car, the less that happens, the better. And that’s the case with this 1957 Porsche 356 A 1600 Speedster. It’s a bit of a mouthful to say but, more importantly, it’s a mint condition convertible that’s up for auction via Sotheby’s this January 19th and 20th in Phoenix.

Sounds like a nice time to visit Phoenix anyway, so you might as well make the trip down there to browse an auction lot that’s filled with dozens of gorgeous cars. The nicest of the bunch is this meticulously maintained Porsche. It’s sporting all the iconic details from 1957, including the low-profile body, wraparound windshield and slotted disc wheels. The minimalist interior stays true to form with a four-speed manual shifter, twin bucket seats and a trio of radial gauges on the flat-face dashboard. It’s all tied together with that handsome black-on-black color scheme, accented with just the right amount of chrome.

This thing would make one hell of a Sunday driver. So first, ask Santa for one… because it literally can’t hurt. If that fails, then your best recourse is to register for the auction, and proceed to win said auction.

It’s a foolproof plan.