This is a quote from the video after the jump, "Hold on, hold on, I wanna take a picture of your thingy."  

The girls from the Playboy-sponsored Miss March DVD are heading to Comicon in San Diego to promote their new DVD in eensie weensie underwear and they filmed the whole thing.  Weirdly they keep talking about all the losers at Comicon.

It always confounds us when people paid to get naked look down at the people looking at their nakedness.  It’s like rubbing glitter all over your cleavage and then throwing a drink at whomever is talking to you with their peepers pointing down (ironically splashing back and washing the glitter off). 

ANYWAY,  It’s hard to tell if they’re trying to be funny or what, but if you turn the sound down it’s pretty awesome.  The Miss March DVD drops on July 28th.  

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