The classic military field jacket has come a long way since you bummed around in one back in high school. While the urge to sneak a smoke behind the bleachers might be gone, the field jacket is back. Presenting The Eiger ($695) from Mission Workshop. It’s just as comfortable as the ragged old thing you wore back in the day, but about 10,000 times more stylish.

In addition to the look, it also has a cool space age edge. Made from Schoeller c_change fabric, the jacket is waterproof, heat reactive and breathable. That means comfort through body temperature regulation, making it an outstanding three-season coat. Rock it in the fall, winter and spring with equal degrees of comfort.

The hood comes off if you aren’t feeling it. Four front pockets will help you carry a grip of stuff wherever you go. We like that, because let’s face it—carrying stuff around in your pants pockets messes up the lines. It’s also got some internal pockets for toting your iPod, plus a cycling-style rear pocket. If you can’t carry something in this jacket, you don’t need it.

Oh, and one thing it has in common with that old beater jacket from your teen years? It’s tough as hell. Don’t think that you’re skimping on durability just because it’s fashionable. Get the Eiger here.