Looking for a miracle? Jason Eisner, beverage director of West Hollywood’s Gracias Madre, offers a trio in one drink, disguised as bright blue frozen spheres of absinthe in the Three Miracles margarita. Watch him make it below and learn how to properly shake a cocktail—then follow the recipe and try it on your own. The passion and creativity Eisner brings to his bar program is apparent in his playful presentation of drinks, from fantastical snow cones, to a smokin’ Witches Brew and a menu that highlights small-batch mezcals and tequilas. Not unlike the restaurant, which places an emphasis on seasonality and freshly sourced ingredients, Eisner makes his own syrups, shrubs, tinctures and bitters with local produce, a testament to his philosophy to never cut corners… and to always have fun.

Three Miracles
2 oz. botanical mezcal
.75 oz. simple syrup
.75 oz. lime juice
One bar spoon of Absinthe
Quick pour of Compasaldo Moscato
1 sprig of mint

Absinthe Spherical Ice
3/4 oz. of St George Absinthe
2 oz. of water
Place ingredients in spherical ice molds and freeze over night.

Measure lime juice, simple syrup and mezcal into cocktail shaker and give it a good shake. Fine strain into a Collin’s glass with three spherical ice cubes. Top with Compasaldo Moscato. Garnish with 1 bushel of mint and a black-and-white striped straw.

Oh, turns out there’s more to mixing and shaking than meets the eye, as Eisner explains in the bonus video below.

Photos: Kiana Laing
Video: Collin Friscia