10 2 Player Beer Games

Here are 10 2 player drinking games to keep you entertained while you drink. Drinking responsively doesn't mean you can't have fun.

  1. Beer pong. Set up a large table with a row of four cups, a row of three cups in front of that, a row of two in front of that, and a single cup in the front center on each side. Fill all of the cups evenly with four beers, two for each side. One player throws a ping pong ball across the table in the other players cups. If a ball is thrown into your cup, you drink that cup. 
  2. Quarters. Played a lot like beer pong, quarters consists of bouncing a coin on the table, and trying to bounce it in your opponents cup. If you bounce the coin into your opponents cup, they have to drink the cup.
  3. Tic Tac Toe. Tic Tac Toe is usually a game that we all play when were bored out of our minds in a waiting room, but games such as these make for great drinking games since they go fast, and the loser has to drink a half of a beer. 
  4. Drink or dare. This game is a spin off of Truth or Dare, take turns daring each other to things, if a person doesn't want to do the dare, they have to drink half a beer instead.
  5. Have you ever? "Have you Ever" is a fun drinking game that can assist two or more people get to know each other while drinking. Players take turns asking yes or no questions, and if anyone at the table, even the person asking the question, would say "Yes" to the question they don't say anything, but they drink to say "Yes." 
  6.  Power Hour. Power Hour doesn't consist of anything but taking a swig every minute for one hour. This game will get you pretty messed up, and allows you to do other things while playing. Having a timer or a stop watch helps with this game a lot. 
  7. High/Low. High/Low is a drinking card game that goes by pretty fast. Each player has 5 cards, face up in front of them. The other player will serve as the dealer, and ask the player if the next card will be higher, or lower than the first card laid out in front of them, if they guess right, then its on to the next card, if it is wrong, they must take a drink, then move on. The dealer repeats this for each card laid out in front of the player, the cards are shuffled, and the player trades to be the dealer for the next person. 
  8. Flip, Sip, or Strip. Flip, Sip or Strip is a 2+ player game, and involves the first player flipping a coin, and while it is in the air, they have to call whether it will be heads or tails. If they call right, the coin is passed on, if the player calls wrong, they must either remove an article of clothing, or sip their drink, and then pass the coin to the next player. 
  9. Edward 40 hands. The players will need two 40 ounce drinks each, and a roll of duct tape. The players hold onto the 40's, and duct tape them to their hands, so that the drinks are the only thing that they can hold onto. The objective of the game is to make the players drink two 40 ounce drinks in a short period of time, since the rules state that you cannot remove the bottles until both drinks are empty. 
  10. Battleship. The board game "Battleship" is a two player game in the first place, we just added beer to it. Instead of announcing that someone "hit" your ship, you just take a gulp of your drink. If your "Battleship" has sunk, you have to finish the drink you have opened. 
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