10 20’s Fashion Tips

These 10 20's fashion tips will have you looking like you walked right out of a speakeasy. '20s fashions brought out so many different characteristics in men. '20s fashion broke through as timeless and classic era of style. The following tips will give you a clear understanding of fashion in the '20s.  Make sure to check out these awesome fashion videos as well.

  1. Sacque suits were very popular in the '20s. When men wanted to dress to impress, they wore the Sacque suit. This suit was mostly worn with colored shirts such as peach, blue, and gray. The colors worn underneath the suit gave the suit some extra fashion flare.
  2. Silk ties emerged the '20s and took the world by surprise. Before the '20s, ties were solid colored and worn for only evening occasions. Ties in the '20s had small geometric pattern or diagonal stripes with tie pins.
  3. Trousers were really becoming the fad of the '20s for men. Trousers were not worn the same as they were previously. The trouser pants began to grow wider and men began putting creases in trousers. The cuffs at the ends of trousers was also something that was added in the '20s that brought more attention to men's shoes.
  4. Black-patent-leather shoes gained popularity during this era. Patent leather shoes gave men the ability to venture out on many levels. Lace up style shoes became popular during this time as well and was seen worn with more casual attire.
  5. Knickerbockers were popular casual wear in the '20s. Knickerbockers came in plus-fours, plus-sixes, plus-eights. The "plus" in the phrase symbolized the amount of inches that was below the knee on a pair of knickerbockers.
  6. Baggy pants also became popular, part because of knickerbockers. Baggy pants were used to where over knickerbockers in settings where knickerbockers were banned. These pants measured 22 to 40 inches around the bottoms to ensure plenty of room for the knickers.
  7. Jazz clothing came into the '20s and shortly after left.  Jackets were worn long and tight waisted. Trousers were also worn tight.
  8. Formal hats came into style around the '20s. Hats took a huge turn around this time, and were practically worn with everything. Wool hats known as driving hats and straw hats were usually used to block the sun away while working outside.
  9. Flannel was a popular fabric in the '20s. Flannel was made to be a heavy, comfortable, soft wool cloth. Gray, white, beige, and stripes were very popular in flannel during this era, with gray being the most popular.
  10. The yachting look was not only used for men who were on yachts. Men who were on the water had a certain clean look about themselves that others found quite interesting. Men who did not own yachts began to wear the navy blue sport jackets with white trousers. A yacht cap was also worn with this attire and some who wanted to add a bit more fashion wore the windsor knot look.
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