10 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents

10 25th Anniversary gift ideas for your parents can range from something simple and sweet to something grand and romantic. Celebrating 25 years of loving another person is certainly something to be celebrated! So depending on your parents' tastes will depend on the gift you get them.

  1. Silver, Silver Everywhere! The 25th anniversary is known as the silver anniversary. For whatever gift you do decide to give, douse it in silver. Your parents will understand the meaning of the silver, for sure.
  2. Serve a nice dinner. For all of the dinners they have served you, cook them up something for a change! You can make a meal from their first date or something special that they've shared together. Also, add hints of silver and romance whenever possible.
  3. Picnic! Packing a nice picnic for your parent's 25th anniversary is also a sweet and simple way to celebrate. You can put in the basket fun photos that they can reminisce on. Throw in a bottle of Champagne to show them how much you care!
  4. Write a poem. Nothing is more unique or one-of-a-kind then writing them a sweet poem to honor their special day. In it, you can include funny moments you've shared with them. You can even hand write the poem and give them a copy of it in a silver picture frame.
  5. Renew vows. This is one big surprise, but you can have them renew their wedding vows in a surprise ceremony in front of family and friends. It doesn't have to be lavish or over the top. You can simply set up some chairs and use the living room as a space for it. Have them come home after dinner and surprise! It will make for an unforgettable 25th anniversary gift for your parents.
  6. Silver jewelry. Depending on your parent's taste, they may enjoy silver jewelry. Your father may like a watch with something inscribed on the back. Your mother may like necklaces with lockets. Either way, make sure you use silver as a basis for the celebration.
  7. Take A Trip. Continuing with the "silver theme", you can pack them up and send them to a trip to Silver Springs, Maryland or Florida. Or you can even venture out as far as Silverstrand Beach in Ireland. No matter where, romance will bloom and they will cherish that trip together.
  8. Quilt. You can put together a nice, big family quilt for them. You can sew the number 25 in large font in the middle and have it filled with fun photos and memories. Don't forget to incorporate silver fabrics and bow as well for their 25th anniversary.
  9. Put on a show.  Have all of the family get together and put on a show of how your parents first met. If there are children, be sure to incorporate them as well! Have them re-enact funny moments during their courtship and they will never forget their 25th anniversary gift.
  10. Throw a party! Sounds simple enough. When celebrating any major event in a lifetime, one wants to be surrounding by family and friends. Make this happen for your parents. Throwing parties can be stressful, so let them do all the partying while you take care of the rest!
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