10 70’s Fashion Tips

Here are 10 70's fashion tips. With so many different styles and ideas, 70's fashion combined many eras into one big fashion scene. Many look back at the 70's and see similar clothing that is now worn in todays fashion world. The following tips will give you a sense of how fashion was viewed in the 70's.

  1. Wide collars were very popular in the 70's. Men usually wore wide collared shirts with casual attire. The top button was always unbuttoned to show a little chest hair, which showed the masculine side in the advantage for men.
  2. Disco fashion is one of the most important types of fashions that when on during the 70's. Hot pants is an examples of what people wore to express themselves in the 70's. Disco clothing was known to usually be worn at night and was considered unacceptable for day wear. Strobe lighting and disco balls also originated from the disco 70's.
  3. Fabric in the 70's changed dramatically; courtelle jerseys, crimptene, and polyester were the highlighted fabrics. Polyester begin making casual dressed shirts for men. Viscose Rayon was a crinkled type of texture that was mostly used to make men's dress shirts.
  4. Flared trousers, bell bottoms and trouser suits made their way to the casual list in the 70's. The bottom of pants begin to change around this time. Pants went from a straight bottom, flared bottom to bell bottoms. Most Trouser suits and bell bottoms were seen in either Emerald or apple green, the key color of the 70's.
  5. Platforms went from 1/4 inch to four inches. This change played a very important role in the 70's. Men and women both were wearing platforms and at some point became a danger the higher the sole became. Some would get holes drilled into the side of the platform to make walking easier.
  6. Mix and match sweaters. Long sleeve shirts were worn with different color sweaters on top. This gave the casual look another flare and a bit of color. Casual was usual black, white, or a neutral color. Mix and match sweaters brought casual to another level.
  7. Pocket Protector was a piece of plastic that men could carry around different things. Most men carried around pencils and pens in the small pocket while others kept a little black book inside of the plastic. This was an extra flare that gave men that taste of fashion that they needed.
  8. Layers were very popular in the 70's. Men took it upon themselves to wear layers of differently patterned clothing. This may have been a casual type jacket with a plaid type undershirt. Vests were usually worn over striped shirts with fashionable ties.
  9. Dancing in the 70's was amazing, more people enjoyed partying in this era then ever before. The shake and the jazz tap originated during this time. Disco fashion originated most of the dance moves for the 70's. Clubs begin promoting disco dancing around the world.
  10. Punk dressing is more popular now then it was in the 70's. Young people defined themselves as an anti-fashion urban youth street culture. Aligned was a music movement that took the name Punk.
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