10 ’80s Dress Up Ideas

This article will unveil 10 '80s dress-up ideas for today's man. The eighties marked the end of disco music and its styles. Before the smoke from the disco era could clear, eighties styles were in full swing. The eighties were faster than the previous decade when it came to styles. In the eighties, styles seemed to change every few years. Most of the eighties styles were new to the decade but some were borrowed from other decades. 

  1. Designer jeans. Wear a pair of Calvin Klein or Jordache jeans. They can be worn with a terry cloth shirt in the summer and a pullover velour shirt in the cooler months. The hair can be styled in jheri curls, a shag, a mullet or an afro. Wear a pair of slip-on dress shoe with tassels also.
  2. Dress jeans. Wear a pair of dress jeans of a different color, like green, black, red, brown or even purple. The back pocket of these jeans should be leather. The legs of these jeans should be tapered down the calves for a snug fit. Wear a long sleeved silk shirt of the same or complimentary color, and a skinny leather tie. Wear a pair of school boy glasses and a pair of British Walkers or cowboy boots for footwear.
  3. Leather pants. Wear a pair of leather pants and a leather sweater. Wear a solid colored button front shirt and a leather vest or a leather sports jacket as an alternative. Wear penny loafers for footwear. Wear a pair of aviator or wayfarer sunglasses. The hair should be short and faded.
  4. Pleated pants. Wear a pair of light cotton pleated pants of a pastel color and a pullover nylon tee shirt of a complimentary pastel color. Wear a light cotton sports jacket with wide shoulders and slip on loafers with tassels and no socks. The hair should be big or short and styled with mousse.
  5. Parachute pants. Wear a pair of high water parachute pants and a polo shirt. Wear a pair loafers with whites socks. Wear cowboy boots as an alternative. Wear a shirt with wide shoulders, the shoulders should taper to a "V" shape that  is fitting around  the waist. Wear a fanny pack with this outfit.
  6. The preppy look. Wear a pair of cuffed khakis pants with a button down oxford cloth or polo shirt. Wear a sweater tied loosely around the shoulders. Wear an argyle sweater and a vest as an alternative. Wear a letterman jacket as an alternative. Wear a pair of boat shoes with either choice.
  7. The baggy look. Wear a pair of baggy print pants and a Cosby sweater or polo shirt. Wear a members only jacket and a pair of cool shutter shades. wear a pair of Rockports or Clarks of England for footwear. Wear boat shoes as an alternative.
  8. High waist pants. Wear a pair of baggy Cavaricci pants with a Cavaricci shirt. Wear a cardigan sweater over a muscle shirt as an alternative. Wear a members only jacket. Wear cowboy boots boat shoes. Wear a Banana Republic safari suit.
  9. New wave. Wear an ultra slim tailored suit with a button front shirt and tie. Wear this outfit with a vest and tie instead of a jacket. Wear a pair of pointed toe two tone shoes. Ray-ban sunglasses are a must with this outfit.
  10. Mix it up. Wear a mix of the clothes listed according to your preferences.

Remember to avoid wearing your eighties style very baggy, very baggy is more of a nineties style. Remember to avoid wearing your eighties outfit too tight, tight is more of a seventies style. Any eighties style that you choose should have a tapered look from the top down, with exception to the new wave look.

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