10 ’80s Has Been Actors

Famous for bringing us good memories, or giving some unforgettable laughs, these ten 80’s has been actors could be considered a special reunion of stars.
They somehow found their place in stardom, and after that were always remembered. Here are just some of them to go back in memory lane. 

  1. Tom Cruise. The high caliber veteran actor of the “Mission Impossible” franchise, and the well acclaimed “Interview with the Vampire” changed his destiny tremendously as an actor and celebrity with the hit movie “Top Gun.” When learning how to pilot a military plane and attack tactics, he maybe never expected this movie to be as good as finding the proverbial four-leafed clover.
  2. Mel Gibson. Among the best of all times, he generated controversy with his films “The Passion of the Christ” and “Apocalypto.” He was never afraid of showing his personal view with his historical inspired events. But in the 80’s, it was the “Mad Max” dystopian action film sequel that got printed inside a lot of audiences around the world. Please do not forget the “Lethal Weapon” films too.
  3. Tom Hanks. First acting and then producing Thomas Jeffrey Hanks won the Oscar and the Golden Globe, highly deserving those coveted awards. The second best paid actor in film history made a big step in the fantasy romantic comedy film “Splash.” This movie ended up being a huge financial success.
  4. Tom Selleck. Many memories arise when talking about him. No one has a doubt that his role in the “Friends” comedy was a good idea. There, he brought forth his comedy skills. Have a look to his background with the “Magnum, P.I.” in his private investigator role. A very good crime drama.
  5. Richard Dean Anderson. There wasn’t a thing existing in the world that his famous character couldn’t solve. Did you already guess who he was? Well he was the witty and crafty MacGyver. Yes, this unbeatable role let him participate in every adventure and action plot involved in every chapter. He spawned so many jokes around society, like how to open a can with your teeth in three seconds.
  6. Sylvester Stallone. Versatile enough to act, write and direct films, “Sly” appeared as one of the action movies favorite actor par excellence. With sequels like “Rocky” and “Rambo,” he became a symbol of action roles, something he also displayed in “Cobra.” There is no sport advertisement, specially when it comes to jogging or running, that doesn’t remind us how you can acquire the eye of the tiger right? Good times.
  7. Patrick Swayze. We can hear a lot of soft sighs coming out tenderly. Born in Houston, Texas he did his big jump to stardom with the contagious movie “Dirty Dancing.” “She is Like the Wind” was his creation; he even sang it too. Other series like “Young Blood” and “M.A.S.H.” are responsible for his preference among the female audience.        
  8. Soleil Moon Frye. There are a lot of sitcoms that remain within the heart of the TV audience, and “Punky Brewster” was without hesitation inside this group. She made her debut in the television movie “Missing Children: A Mother’s Story,” After that she played Penelope “Punky” Brewster. This series lasted four years. Enough time to give us a touching memory of this funny girl.
  9. Mark-Paul Gosselar. "It’s all right 'cause I’m… Saved by the Bell!" Yes, the lead actor of this teen sitcom was definitely the favorite blond star, and master of plans when the time came to sabotage Mr. Belding. It was a role that got recycled from the previous failed show “Good Morning Miss Bliss.” This time, however,  it worked well because NBC writers re-did the formula and added a new cast.
  10. Gordon Shumway. Okay, he is from Melmac, not Earth. But who doesn’t like him. Alf maybe not be an actor, but could stand as one with a master puppeteer behind. The creator was Paul Fusco. Not only was he brought to life through motion, but increased credibility adding his voice performance. He says, unlike Alf, that he does care about cats.
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