10 Actors That Only Star In PG Movies

If you are looking for role models that star in family friendly films, check out these 10 actors that only star in PG movies. Each of these actors may be different as can be, but each actor on the list has a track record of making family friendly fare and never crossing that line on to more adult programming. See if any of your favorites are among the ten actors listed, and learn more about PG movie actors.

  1. Candace Cameron is most famous for her roles on two family-friendly TV shows, "Full House" and the current "Make It Or Break It." However, she also has done several films, and all of the movies get a PG rating. She is outspoken on her Christian faith and is known for accepting roles that are appropriate for her faith. For example, her character on "Make It Or Break It" is a Christian, like Candace is off-screen. One of her earliest PG movies was "Camp Cucamonga."
  2. Olivia Newton-John is a beloved singer and actress. From her recent turn on "Glee" to her classic role as goody-two-shoes Sandy on "Grease," Olivia has made a career as a singer and actress that has lasted over four decades. She also has managed to star in PG movies, including "Grease," "Xanadu," "A Mom for Christmas," and "Snowden on Ice."
  3. Mary-Kate Olsen began her career with her sister as Michelle on "Full House." The enterprising tykes, however, began starring in their own movies in early grade school. From their made-for-TV films to their big screen movies like "It Takes Two" and 'New York Minute," their projects are always rated PG.
  4. Christopher Castile is another actor whose faith has guided his career choices. He has long been an outspoken Christian, and he is known for the PG-rated "Beethoven" movies and as a star of "Step by Step." He continues to act and perform in PG-rated fare.
  5. Dominique Dunne was a brilliant actress. She was a natural, and her talent ran deep. Unfortunately, her young career was cut short when she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in the early 1980's. She debuted in "Poltergeist" on the big screen, and she had many small screen roles. All of her work was rated PG, and it's a joy to see her work, although the tragedy of her death now haunts her brilliant performances.
  6. Angela Watson is an actress who is also known for starring in family friendly films and television shows. In 2007, she starred in the family movie "Cowboy and Indians," and she is known for her role as the oldest daughter Dana in "Step by Step." In addition to starring on only PG movies, she has also started a non-profit group for child actors called CAST (Child Actors Supporting Themselves), after her own parents allegedly stole her earnings from "Step by Step."
  7. Ashley Olsen is the other twin star who appeared as Michelle on "Full House." Like her sister Mary Kate, she has only appeared in PG-rated feature films, television shows, made-for-TV movies and made-for-video movies. Her latest, "New York Minute," was shot before she entered NYU.
  8. Kirk Cameron is guided by his Christian faith in all the projects that he chooses. He only has opted for PG movies. He also hosts a Christian television show, and he is forever remember as the child star of "Growing Pains," on which he played Mike Seaver. He has returned for "Growing Pains" reunions, and he has starred in several PG-rated films. 
  9. Lori Loughlin has had a terrific, long career. She is an actor who is also known for her PG-rated offerings. Recently, she has starred in the family films "Moondance Alexander" and "Old Dogs." She played Rebecca on "Full House" as well, and she is currently playing on the new "90210."
  10. Kay Panabaker's talent has soared, even as she has only so far taken on PG-rated roles. The PG movies that she has most recently starred in include "Moondance Alexander," "Nancy Drew" and "Monsters, Inc."



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