10 Actors Whom Have Been Convicted Of A DUI

These actors whom have been convicted of DUI known for being part of a select group of celebrities that entertain us every once in a while. In this case it is not by acting but for being in the headlines of the entertainment industry gossip news. Yes, no one is a saint, yet a good driver under the influence of this boosting substance called alcohol.

  1. Lindsay Lohan. There is no other list of convicted famous people, if we don’t start with our favorite red-head of all time. This lady started as a Disney actress so young and promising, that nobody could ever guess that she would end up being handed a DUI more than once by the law. It even once happened in France at the time when she was visiting The Cannes Festival.     
  2. Mel Gibson. This experienced actor, and remarkable star role of one of his most awarded movie “Braveheart,” was as brave as his role driving carelessly. It was a quiet night on the Pacific Coast Highway when everything was so slow that a speed boost was “legally” allowed. Unfortunately, the Malibu police was around to prove him fast and furiously wrong, and issued him a DUI.
  3. Nicole Richie. “All night long (All night)”. Let the music play. Everybody sing everybody dance. Stop there for a second, we know this song already don’t we? Unfortunately, for Richie being convicted of a DUI wasn’t as fun as trying to be a humming bird.
  4. Paris Hilton. There is famous book by Jules Verne called “Around the World in Eighty Days” that served as an inspiration for the glamorous Hilton. She tested that theory while driving in Los Angeles and discovered that it can be done while partying in just one week around the clubs. “Stars are blind” was a good hit but for the police records.
  5. Haley Joel Osment. This is a very unexpected case because this rising actor is known for being a good guy. At least for the public eye until this incident just happened to occur. The then shining star of “The Sixth Sense” had very bad luck while driving under the influence of alcohol in Los Angeles.
  6. Michelle Rodriguez. Right in the eye of the police officers of Hawaii, Rodriguez was driving a little bit faster than the normal speed. When she was caught, the first thing to come out was a lame excuse. But she did ok afterwards, and never forgot to apologize for her wrong attitude towards everyone that infamous night.
  7. David Rainey. “Puck” may be not known as a celebrity, but he had his 15 minutes of fame while being part of MTV’s first season of “The Real World.” Always rude and impolite, the reality actor was an unpleasant character among the cast. This time, it was while driving wrecklessly in California that he added a DUI conviction to his resume.
  8. Kiefer Sutherland. Another veteran and well known actor to add on the list. Born in Canada, Mr. Sutherland gained even more notoriety for his role on the thriller drama series called “24.” Being the winner of a Golden Globe and Emmy award wasn’t good enough for him, so after having the rights, it was time to go for the wrongs, one of which included a DUI conviction. Not to mention he does have a bad record under the eye of the law.
  9. Joseph Gannascoli. Vito Spatafore, for those who like “The Sopranos,” is a talented actor who not only knows about how to get inside a character, but also how to cook and to write. He was driving drunk in Tampa, Florida, the moment he was precisely caught. First, found in a terrible state, and then paying a visit to the Hillsborough County jail.
  10. Amy Locane. “Melrose Place” was one of the favorite TV series for young audience in the 90’s. There was a huge legion of fans following every episode. Sadly for them Locane was part of a terrible car crash in New Jersey. She was bailed on $50,000 bond after colliding with another car, seriously injuring the driver.
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