10 Actresses Bound And Gagged In Movies

Since we all love hot actresses, bondage, movies, and movies with hot actresses about bondage, we’ve made for you a list of 10 actresses bound and gagged in movies. Get your tissues and hand lotion, it’s gonna be a Blockbuster night!

  1. Jessica Stroup: "Homecoming" – Your traditional slice ‘em up high school horror movie. Of course, the actress is bound and gagged at some point. Ah, teenage bondage.
  2. Alicia Witt: "88 Minutes" – Here we have a disgruntled student appearing along side Al Pacino. As if we didn’t already know that with "Scarface" in the picture there would be some gratuitous violence.
  3. Haylee Duff: "Backwoods" – In keeping with the youthful theme why not throw in the younger sibling of a Disney kid. Pre-adolescent bondage. What cable channel is this on?
  4. Brittany Daniel: "The Hamiltons" – "The Hamiltons" was crappy. Brittany Daniel bound and gagged was not.
  5. Lindsay Lohan:"I Know Who Killed Me" –A good bet is that this actress has been bound and gagged off screen as well. Lindsay Lohan times two? Who wouldn’t want to restrain them? They should have bound and gagged both of her.
  6. Jamie Lee Curtis:"True Lies" – As if this woman hasn’t been through enough horror with her on screen brother, she has to deal with being bound and gagged. Arnold really dropped the ball.
  7. Jennifer Aniston: "The Bounty Hunter" – Now who wouldn’t want to see a girl bound and gagged like Jennifer Aniston was in this flick?
  8. Maggie Gillenhall:"The Secretary" – Now this broad was bound and gagged throughout about 85% of this film. James Spader is definitely “The Man”.
  9. Angelina Jolie: "Everything" – If this vixen could only be controlled this way in reality! She has been bound and gagged in so many movies it must be a prerequisite in her contract.
  10. Traci Lord:"Bound & Gagged" – A porn legend in a film titled “Bound and Gagged – A Love Story”. Who wouldn't pay to see that? And many did!
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