10 Actresses With Sex Tapes

These are 10 actresses with sex tapes. While the rest of Hollywood gets their publicity from hard work and good movies, these ten girls go about their business in a much easier and sleazier way.

  1. Paris Hilton Sex Tape– Two words: night vision. The reason this is one of the best sex tapes is because it was the first one we saw that used night vision.
  2. Amy Fisher Sex Tape- What happens when you make a sex tape with your broke husband? He tries selling it to the media, of course. Amy Fisher tried blocking the sales of this sex tape after her husband sold it, but the damage was done.
  3. Britney Spears Sex Tape- This is another tape sold to the media without consent of this actress. The Britney Spears sex tape may be the least interesting sex tape we have ever seen, but its still out there.
  4. Kim Kardashian- After having this sex tape leaked on the Internet, Kim Kardashian then re-released the tape on her web site, for a fee of course.
  5. Olivia Mojica- This tape was released on the Internet with this Puerto Rican actress in it.
  6. Pam Anderson- You knew she would be on this list. Pam Anderson has maybe the most popular sex tape ever. This sex tape takes place in a boat, co-starring the famous Tommy Lee.
  7. Tonya Harding- Tonya Harding had what we thought her wedding tape published to the internet and distributed by Penthouse. Of course, we later found out it was not her wedding night, it was actually Halloween.
  8. Jenna Lewis- Jenna Lewis was on Survivor. She had her wedding night sex tape leaked. This tape features her having 42 minutes of sex with her husband who just so happens to be a model.
  9. Daniella Cicarelli- Daniella Cicarelli is a Brazilian TV hostess. She is seen having sex with her boyfriend on a beach in the water on this tape.
  10. Joanie Laurer- Better known as Chyna, she produced a sex tape with wrestler X-Pac and distributed the film, 1 Night In Paris, to porn studios.
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