10 Advanced Bowling Tips

Here you'll find 10 advanced bowling tips to help you achieve that perfect game. When it comes to bowling, are you more than just an amateur, but not quite an expert? Do not despair. Let's read along.

  1. Practice and consistency. Like in every other sport, constant practice is vital to succeed. Unlike most sports, bowling doesn't consume that much energy and is more about being consistently able to get the ball in the right path. So get your schedule figured out so you can have enough time a week to practice.
  2. Patience and control. Stress is a natural reaction during any kind of competition. To control this, forget about to the score of your opponents and their reactions whether they make a good or a bad shot and also forget about yours, sending this tensions away will help you keep focus.
  3. Have your ball properly drilled and measured. In order to control your bowling ball’s energy and track flare’s amount, you have to measure the distance between your PAP (Positive Axis Point) and your bowling ball’s pin. Various professional players have their pin set five inches from the PAP. This will change your hook potential.
  4. Visualize your bowling ball path. This will help you succeed in crucial shots. To start you need to know that there are four points on the lane and countless ways for the ball to get the target. Taking at least three points (start, middle and end) is a good way to start figuring out where your ball will go. You can choose between the foul line, arrows, dots or break point to learn what your ball is doing.
  5. Getting out of bowling slumps. Some slumps last for a week, some will last for months. Figuring out what’s causing them will help you get back on track as soon as possible. Not taking attention of your targets, ball’s rotation or/and foot positions are a few technical reasons you may find yourself in a slump.
  6. Controlling ball speed. Sometimes you’ll find the lane to be extremely oily or dry. When this happens, you’ll need to slow down or speed up your ball (respectively). To speed up try this: hold the ball three inches higher than usual and then throw it. To slow down the speed: hold it three inches lower than usual.
  7. Control Hooking. If you see you’re hooking your ball way more than needed, you can move yourself to the left of the point you want to stroke. Now if you want to hook your bowling ball, go to the right of where you generally stand and slow down your speed.
  8. Picking up spares. One of the secrets to getting higher scores lies in knowing how to pick up spares. To leave them you need to target the head pin and throw the ball from one side of the lane giving it a small curve to get more strikes. Then to pick it up, take a throw in the lane towards the side pins. Getting a heavier ball is perfect for picking up spares with only the head pin left.
  9. Making a 7-10 Split. Known as the toughest shot in this sport, in order to make it you need to hit as hard as you can on one pin. Doing this will make this pin hit the lane on the side or the back so hard it will bounce off and get the next pin.
  10. 300 (This Isn't Sparta). Scoring a perfect game is every bowler’s dream. To achieve this you need to make twelve strikes and you don’t need to be quite the expert to accomplish it, but you need to be consistent in your game and use every tip in this article.
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