10 Advantages Of E-Mail

Have you wondered what 10 advantages of e-mail are? In this day and age many forms of communication exist for our convenience.

  1. One of the ten advantages of e-mail is that it is a private means of communication. Password protected accounts allow the user and only those possessing the password to veiw e-mails.
  2. Another of the ten advantages of e-mail is it is a way to correspond daily at a reasonable cost . Until the personal computer came along, long distance communications and even letters/paper mail correspondence were the only means for many to remain in contact with friends and family living far away.
  3. A way of corresponding with company employees is another of the 10 advantages of e-mail. Home commuters need to be in touch with staff at the office. Internet mail provides a means for corresponding with them.
  4. Another of the 10 advantages of e-mail is speed. Written letters sent through the postal service take days and in places up to a week to receive.
  5. Ten advantages of e-mail is job application. If a job prospect provides an e-mail address for those looking to apply, the potential employee can have a resume available within a matter of minutes verses a few days in the mail.
  6. Yet another advantage of the 10 advantages of e-mails is that corporations can send out letters to various departments or branches with one e-mail instead of having to type each e-mail separately.
  7. The next of these 10 advantages of e-mails is that correspondence can be saved indefinitely without taking up physical space.
  8. Another advantages of e-mails is that attachments can be added so contracts, charts, photo's, etc. can be attached to the e-mail.
  9. One advantage of e-mail is spam filters that allow many advertisements, etc. to be eliminated before being received in your box. You can also block junk mail via e-mail which is a great advantage.
  10. Last of the 10 advantages of e-mail is reliability. Quick, safe guaranteed delivery of communications is guaranteed.



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