10 Advantages Of Windows

Curious about 10 advantages of Windows? The advantages of Windows far outweigh the arguments against using this prolific Microsoft product.

  1. Language support. The Microsoft Windows operating systems are available in several language versions. An advantage of Windows language support is that you will be able to buy a copy of Windows that supports your customers and employees in many industrialized nations.
  2. Ease of use. Windows is a highly intuitive operating system. This means that most people can enjoy the advantages of Windows after spending just a short time learning how to use the product.
  3. Word processors. Windows comes with Notepad and WordPad, so you don’t have to purchase a separate application to take full advantage of the word processing advantages of Windows.
  4. Backup and restore. The days of purchasing a tape drive and backup software to protect your data are over. Windows lets you back up files, folders and system data to DVDs or an external hard drive.
  5. Accessibility. Windows makes it easier for people with disabilities to take advantage of Windows features. Speech recognition, a magnifier, an on-screen keyboard and visual and audio cues offer several ways to use the computer outside of the typical methods of interacting with the operating system.
  6. Encryption. The newest versions of Windows include encryption tools, such as BitLocker, so users can protect their data from prying eyes. Use this feature to secure your data from snoopy coworkers and family, or from hackers or thieves who may gain access to your system.
  7. Device management. Who remembers when you had to add the IRQ, channel and driver for every piece of hardware you used in Windows? The advantages of Windows have gone far beyond the plug and play (pray?) days. Windows automatically detects attached devices, downloading and installing drivers as they are needed, which gives you time for more interesting things.
  8. Sticky notes. No more scraps of note paper littering your desk and monitor! You can leave yourself reminders on your desktop. Create your own priority system by customizing the color, font and size.
  9. Internet games. With these Internet-enabled games, you’ll only have to play Solitaire when you really want to be alone. Challenge your friends or strangers to a game of Checkers, Spades or Backgammon.
  10. Security features. Windows Defender protects your system from spyware and malware. The built-in firewall lets you decide how much access to give to the outside world. This is especially helpful if you are using a public wireless connection.


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