10 Afternoon Date Ideas: San Francisco

10 afternoon date ideas in San Francisco include a variety of activities to meet the special interests of a group of women, from the fun-loving to the serious and formal date. The City by the Bay offers a treasure trove of hot date spots perfect for an afternoon meeting. Some locations offer a more intimate meeting, while others provide an interesting setting for meeting a person for a first date.

  1. Picnic in Dolores Park. A picnic is a nice afternoon date idea when you'd like to get to know the person, without talking over wait staff or over loud noise. The Dolores Park offers nice trees and benches perfect for a daytime date. Pack a lunch, or buy a pre-packed lunch from a catering service, for your date.
  2. Yoga at the Kundalini Yoga Center in Haight-Ashbury. Depending on the tastes of your date, a nice relaxed afternoon yoga session might be the right selection for your afternoon date in San Francisco. This idea is ideal for a date with a stressful calendar during the week. 
  3. Afternoon at the Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts. The Exploratorium offers afternoon play with hands-on science experiments and a time to laugh and get to know your date. The Place complex also has dining locations to grab a coffee, a bite of lunch or a quick snack on the date. 
  4. Lunch on a boat while circling Angel Island. Boats leave during the day from Pier 33, 39 and 41. Make sure to select a service that is coast-guard approved for safety for you and your date. Pick up a lunch before boarding or select a boat or ship with an onboard lunch service. Depending on the season, you can dine on your afternoon lunch and enjoy the sights from indoors or out.  
  5. Ice cream at the Bi-Rite Creamery and Bakeshop on 18th Street. When San Francisco weather heats up on a summer afternoon, take your date for an afternoon snack of ice cream at this popular creamery location. Plan a walk around the area and grab a snack or two from the on-site bakery for later in the afternoon. 
  6. Low English Tea at Lovejoy's English Tea Room on Church Street. Low English Tea is a somewhat formal event and allows you and your date to dress up a bit for the afternoon date. The tea is also brief, so it gives you time to chat and get to know each other after the light snacks and tea service. A tea room experience shows your date you can appreciate the more formal life. 
  7. Sandwiches at Tai-Y-Tara and Polo Shoppe on California Street. For more than a low tea service, take your date for an afternoon of English sandwiches at this shop. It's also a perfect location for a date who enjoys polo and sports. 
  8. Tea Presentation at the Imperial Tea Court on Powell Street. The afternoon tea service is formal at this tea room and very Asian. A different kind of tea and light food are tap for you and your date here. The service also allows you to dress more formally than at the other locations. 
  9. Walk in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. Combine a Japanese tea service with a walk in the formal gardens for a date with both indoor and outdoor activities. The park also has several museums, that if the date goes well, you can offer an impromptu extension. 
  10. Chowder and crab cakes while walking at Fisherman's Wharf. Walk and talk while noshing on snacks from the fresh food vendors at Fisherman's Wharf. If the afternoon weather is cool, pop inside one of the restaurants on the wharf for a bowl of warm clam chowder and a glass of ale. 
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