10 Afternoon Date Ideas

Here are 10 afternoon date ideas to break out of the traditional night time dates. Nights do not have to be the only exciting opportunities. There are many options that would be best experienced during daylight hours.

  1. Take a walk in the park or on a nature trail. Many parks and trails close after dusk and you will be able to take in the nature around you if you make it an afternoon date. Biking together through a trail is a nice alternative if you both are athletic-natured. Consider bringing a light lunch and making a day of it.
  2. Go see a matinee. Matinees are generally a less crowded and cheaper afternoon date. Splurge the money you saved on a special treat or dessert after the movie.
  3. Enjoy an outdoor sport together. Go swimming in the summer months. Outdoor sports can be fun. Local pools generally offer day passes. Other afternoon date ideas could include tennis, football, volleyball, Frisbee or even baseball.
  4. Visit a museum or gallery. Museums and galleries are often on your to-do list when travelling, but sometimes we forget to take in our local history and culture. Strolling through a museum is a great afternoon date idea that presents many great ice breakers as well.
  5. Eat lunch at a nice restaurant that features outdoor seating. Enjoy your meal together outside on the patio, chatting and people watching.
  6. Go sightseeing in your local area, or a surrounding area for a day trip.
  7. Go to the zoo. Many adults do not make it to the zoo often, except those with children. Take a an afternoon date to the zoo to observe the wildlife and stay for any shows or displays the zoo puts on.
  8. Go to a theme park, if there is one nearby. This afternoon date presents many options, like going on roller coasters, going swimming (or on water rides) or just strolling and checking out some calmer attractions.
  9. Enjoy a picnic together. Pack the basket with finger foods and nice desserts to eat together. Bring a blanket along to sit on, and make it small enough that you aren’t sitting too far away from each other on this afternoon date.
  10. Stay in on a rainy day for a movie date. Snuggle together on the couch with some fun snacks. This poses a great opportunity if you are still near the beginning of your new relationship with many awkward pauses.
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