10 All-Day Date Ideas

Check out these 10 all-day date ideas that are sure to win your lover's heart! Trying to find an all-day date idea can be especially tricky because you do not want to end up bored, sitting around and waiting for the next thing to do. Here are some relaxing, fun, exciting and adventurous date ideas to help you have a fantastic all-day date.

  1. Go on a horseback riding adventure. Many ranches that offer horseback riding also offer a full-day adventure hosted by them. They typically start in the early afternoon with a horseback ride, then stop mid-afternoon for a small picnic-style lunch before riding back down to the ranch. When you reach the ranch you will have a tasty dinner that usually consists of steak, potatoes and veggies.
  2. Visit your local planetarium for the day, then enjoy dinner under the stars at night. The planetarium is a great place to go during the day if you enjoy time with your partner under the stars. You can spend the day learning as much as possible, then go home, make dinner and enjoy it out under the bright stars in the sky.
  3. Revisit the history of your city. Every city or town has an amazing amount of history that most people never take the time to learn. Enjoy your wonderful all-day date by walking up and down the historic beauty of your area and learning even more about your community.
  4. Take your date on an all-day adventure by experiencing something new or learning a new skill. Have you always wanted to try bungee jumping, take kick boxing classes or go hang gliding? Take this day to learn or experience something completely new together! The excitement you'll feel of doing it together for the first time is sure to make your all-day date a lasting memory.
  5. Plan a sunrise hike, picnic and relaxing dinner. If you live in a beautiful area and want a cheap all-day date idea, then this is the perfect date for you and your love. Leave early enough to hike to the perfect spot to watch the sunrise. Hike a bit further, then enjoy your picnic lunch before hiking back home. When you get home, enjoy a relaxing dinner cuddle or a great movie in front of the fireplace .
  6. Explore a nearby city or town that you have never been to but always admired. This may include a bit of a road trip, so make sure that you have great music to listen to in case your drive is not that beautiful. When you get there, pick up a tour guide and hit up all of the hot spots for tourists. Eat at the highest-rated restaurants and enjoy learning about the culture.
  7. Take a hot air balloon ride and create your own scrap book of the day. Get up bright and early and enjoy a day of hot air ballooning. But don’t forget your camera so you can take tons of breathtaking photos of the incomparable day. Get the photos developed while making dinner, and then after dinner create a scrapbook showcasing your all-day date idea.
  8. Enjoy a day of biking and picnicking. Pack yourself a lot of small sandwiches and treats. Put them in your backpack with your supply of water and enjoy a day in the sun getting some great exercise. Stop for a bite to eat whenever you desire for however long you desire. Make your all-day date about relaxation, nature and great snacks.
  9. Make you all-day date extremely exciting with a day full of amusement park fun. You get great people, exciting shows, tasty food and tons of excitement. Ride plenty of rides, eat tons of junk food and sit outside enjoying the beautiful day with your lover!
  10. Plan an all-day date at the lake. The one glorious thing about a date at the lake is that it gives you countless things to do all day. Take a walk around the lake, enjoy the paddle boats, go for a quick swim, enjoy a barbeque or try your hand at fishing.
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