10 Amazing BMX Bikes

The BMX bikes are bicycles that can be used for casual use as well as for sports purposes, and those interested in the most adventurous BMX bikes will be interested in the following 10 amazing BMX bikes. BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross and the bicycles are designed to ride over dirt and motocross cycling.

  1. Schwinn BMX Bikes – Produced by Arnold, Schwinn & Co, the BMX bikes first introduced by this company in 1963 changed the way people, especially kids, took to bikes. With their first model, the Sting-Ray (which sold more than 70% of the total market share that year), they had a unique steering geometry as well as a short wheelbase with 20 inch wheels which provided good handling features. This bike is actually believed to have popularized the trend of driving on dirt tracks and wheelies. Some of their other BMX models include Scrambler, SX-100, Predator Bike and Blue Falcon.
  2. Standard STA-500 – This “Stronger Than All” (STA) bike was the first to have freestyle frames that could be designed to suit the rider’s specific needs. The first model was released in 1993 and had a thread-less fork and stem. This pioneering frame, which suited the over sized tubing perfectly, is built for maximum strength and durability that makes it last longer.
  3. S&M BMX Bikes – Launched by Greg and Chris in 1987, S&M BMX bikes have a heavy-duty, full-on race frame set. Some of their popular models include Call Girl, Stricker and WarPig.
  4. Black Eye – Based out of Colorado, Black Eye has a complete range of BMX bikes to fit street and dirt riding. Some models of their BMX bikes include Park Pro, Killorado, De La Cruiz, Pistula, Drifter, Killboy, NFG and Mack.
  5. Specialized – Specialized BMX Bikes have a range of bikes for mountain riding, road riding, path/gravel riding, dirt park and street riding as well as a range for kids. Their popular versions include the P Series, Langster series and the HotRock Boys and HotRock Girls for children.
  6. Haro BMX Bikes – Being in the industry for more than 32 years, Haro Bikes have introduced quite a few things to the sport such as its iconic number plate (in 1976) and the Original Haro Freestyler Bike (in 1980). Their range of models includes Forum series, X-series, ZX-series, F-series, Z-series, Pro-Am, Juniors Mini and Cruisers.
  7. Hoffman Bikes – Founded by Mat Hoffman (deemed one of best in vert ramp BMX rides, their signature bike is the Condor model. Other models include the Ontic series and Scarab series amongst others.
  8. Dk BMX Bikes – These bikes are known for their superb quality and performance. Some of their models include Street Dk, Dk Cleveland, Dk Cincinnati, Dk Franklin, Park and Trail DK bikes, the 6-pack and the 8-pack bikes and General Lee bikes, amongst other models. With frames made from chromoly or aluminum, these bikes are lightweight, yet sturdy and durable.
  9. FBM BMX Bikes – Models include Guillotine series, Executioner series, Heatben series, Marauder and Warbird. The frames of these bikes are made from a patented Super Therm which is a heat-loving alloy. This makes the frame lightweight and incredibly strong.
  10. Eastern Bikes – They have different models for different stages of BMX riders. This includes the Beginner, Intermediate Expert, Pro, Team and MTB. The MTB series includes models like Mad Dog, TrailDigger (24” and 28” wheel), Thunderbird and Night Train.
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