10 Amazing Sex Tips

If your love life has gotten a bit stale, check out these 10 amazing sex tips. While we're not getting into advanced techniques, you'll find that this article can arm you with some stuff you may have been afraid to try. From oral sex to cuddling, your lady will thank you for checking out this love info.

  1. Suck on her clit. Guys, we all know the clit is the holy grail of oral for women. Now, don't just jump right in. Take your time, lick around the area, and kiss and caress her thighs. When you both start getting into it, wrap your lips around her clit and slowly, softly suck away. Do not get hardcore (unless she's into it.) Be gentle, and don't use teeth.
  2. Slap her ass. OK, admittedly, this is one of those things you need to feel out ahead of time (no pun intended.) Most girls want a guy to be in charge in bed. Make sure you know how she feels before slapping away. Also, just because a gentle slap on the ass excites her, this is not an invitation to for you to go on an all out slap fest. You need to know your woman before turning her ass cheeks cherry red.
  3. Hold her wrists. Again, women want you to be in charge during sex. If you're on top, try holding her wrists down while getting on down. Don't apply too much pressure. This is a situation where you need to know where her comfort level is. There's a fine line between consensual sex and rape.
  4. Kiss/bite her neck. This applies for almost every female on the planet. During sex, kiss, lick and gently bite her neck and she'll melt. Science has not yet figured out why this works, but it does. The next time you're working her body, nibble on her neck and she'll be putty in your hands.
  5. Kiss her during sex. Speaking of kissing, get your lips involved with hers while doing the deed. No matter the position, if you can make your lips meet hers, go for it. Women love for guys to show passion during sex. Show her that you care by engaging in a hot make out session during sex.
  6. Give her control. Guys, we have a bad habit of always trying to take control during sex. If you give her control, trust me, she'll rock your world. Now, I'm not saying let her chain to you to a wall and whip you, but if you give her control, she'll change the dynamic in a way you never saw coming. Sadly, when having sex, it can become one-sided for guys. Instead, let her get on top, and don't try to force her to do anything. Instead, lay back and let her do what she wants.
  7. Use your nails. Scratching lightly can be a huge turn on for chicks. We're not talking about drawing blood (again, this is something that's between you and her) but lightly scratching her skin while you're in the act of producing the beast with two backs can make a world of difference. Scratching her skin can show her that you are paying attention and that you are in the moment with her.
  8. Show her you enjoy it. Whether you moan, cry out loud, or use hand signals, make sure she knows you're enjoying yourself. If you remain totally silent during sex, chances are, you won't be receiving repeat performances. I'm not saying you need to be screaming, but don't lay there like a dead fish, either.
  9. Read her body language. If she isn't into it, don't do it. If you're trying something that she obviously isn't enjoying, then stop. Too often, women will put up with bullshit from guys in order to please them. Don't be that guy.
  10. Cuddle afterward. This may not seem like a sex tip, but it is. If you get off, roll over, and fall asleep, chances are, you'll be doing a lot of sleeping alone. Show her you care by spending some time cuddling after sex, holding her close and whispering in her ear. This offers the promise of repeat performances, which is kind of the point all along.
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