10 American Hot Women

There are many beautiful women from around the world, but many feel the most beautiful are from the good old USA as this list of 10 American hot women demonstrates. Women on this list range from blondes to redheads and athletic to busty. There are many different types of beauty and narrowing it down to the 10 American hot women can spark lively debate among fans.

  1. Angelina Jolie's sex appeal can not be denied. She might not be the perfect type for someone looking for that stable "girl next door", but her wild side makes her even sexier in the eyes of some men.
  2. Megan Fox stole the thunder from those transforming vehicles on Transformers to be considered on of the hot women on this list. She is frequently compared to Angelina Jolie based on her being a brunette with tattoos, but personality wise, they are quite different.
  3. Eva Mendes has those alluring eyes that no man can deny. She frequently teases with form fitting outfits that show just enough to lure you in.
  4. Even being an alien couldn't turn guys off when looking at Zoe Saldana. Many were probably hoping this hot woman would take them to a planet alone with her.
  5. Mary-Louise Parker might be one of the older women on this list, but she's still got a figure and attitude to appeal to us men. This brunette beauty proves that just because you are older doesn't mean you can't be seductive.
  6. Scarlett Johansson frequently sports a short blonde haircut in athletic roles. Her well maintained body and sassy attitude lands her on this list of sexy American women.
  7. Diane Lane has that air of sophistication with just enough of a naughty side to make her dangerous for us men, meaning appealing. She's one of the hottest American women despite being in that less than stellar "Judge Dredd" movie.
  8. Halle Berry's choice in men might be questionable, but not her overall sex appeal. This beauty has a body that keeps American men and others watching her on film.
  9. Lucy Liu is American, and has that exotic look that keeps us American's happy to claim her. She is seductive and mysterious which is a great combination.
  10. Starring in the movie Knocked Up brought Leslie Mann to the forefront. Her blonde hair combined with a sense of humor make her hard to deny for us guys.
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