10 Angel Tattoo Ideas

If you're interested in getting a tattoo with angels, here are 10 angel tattoo ideas to help you with your search.

  1. Memorial Angels. These tattoos are normally drawn to depict a loved one who is no more. The memorial angel tattoo isn't limited to human beings alone, it can even be a favorite pet or even a memorable event.
  2. Devil and angel tattoo. This opposite-paired tattoo symbolizes the win of good over evil. Tattoos representing saint and sinner, lover and hater are drawn in opposite colors like red and blue with the blue swallowing the red devil. These tattoos may even be placed on opposite halves like the left and the right hand or the left and the right chest.
  3. Arch Angels. Considered royalty amongst angles, Arch Angels are believed to be closer to God than other angels. Michael is the most popular design amongst Arch Angel designs. Michael is supposed to have led the angels’ army to put Lucifer out of heaven. Michael is always drawn with full armor, sword raised up ready to fight.
  4. Angel wing tattoos. These tattoos are generally etched on the back and lower back areas. The tattoo normally has only the wings of angels and not the face or body. The wings are drawn depicting different aspects like the desire to fly or the desire to do good deeds or in a position of religious dedication or as memorial.
  5. Guardian Angels. Protectors of human and humanity, guardian angels are always drawn with children (holding or standing next to them) as a symbol of protection.
  6. Praying Angel. This is generally a female version (male versions can also be drawn).This angel has her wings in a upward position, hands and eyes closed as if in prayer and a halo over the head depicting spiritual intensity.
  7. Cherubs. These rotund childlike sweet angels have small wings and depict a peaceful and happy image. The most popular amongst cherubs are the cupid images often depicted throwing arrows of love at people.
  8. Celtic angels. These tattoos are a combination of angels inspired by the bible enclosed within intricate Celtic drawings.
  9. Fallen angels. During the fight of Michael with Lucifer, many angels fell in the Great Fall from Haven. These angels lost the battle and fell into the fiery bowels of earth. They are depicted in dark heavy colors mainly black and are shown carrying bloody sword. They have scars over their body and the wings are torn.
  10. Renaissance angels. These are androgynous angels. These angels are dressed in long flowing robes and have halos over the head. These are generally done in fine black line design or as a gray scale image.
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