10 Angry Love Songs

Searching for 10 angry love songs? Well that's great, because this article will provide you with the best angry love songs out there. These songs are sure to set your blood on fire and help you get out those emotions that you've been holding in for so long. Angry love songs help express the emotions we might feel in relationships that are hard to express normally. In any case, music is good for the soul and this article will cover the best angry love songs ever recorded.

  1. "Get Stoned" – Hinder. This song has massive volumes of fury when it comes to angry love songs. Hinder is a newer band to the rock world, but they still made one fabulously angry hit with this song. The lyrics "Sex is so much better when your mad at me" say it all. 
  2. "She F**in Hates Me" – Puddle Of Mudd. If you are looking for angst filled songs about love, this is definitely a keeper. Puddle of Mudd is also a newer band on the rock scene, and many of their songs are angry love songs. This song expresses the relationship between a goody two-shoes and a rocker man.
  3. "Sittin At a Bar" – Rehab. You have to love this song, especially for the fact that everyone has been drunk and mad at their lover. This some describes emotions that many feel, especially while intoxicated, about relationships going bad.
  4. "Kim" – Eminem. Eminem has produced many angry love songs, but the most popular would be "Kim." This song is full of angry hate towards his way-ward lover. Even listening to this song makes you angry at his ex wife.
  5. "The One I Love" – REM. This is an oldie but goodie. The instrumentals itself aren't that angry, but the lyrics are actually pretty harsh. "A simple prop to occupy my time" seems to be a kiss off in this song, and surely others can relate.
  6. "Cry Me A River" – Justin Timberlake. Even though the boy said this song isn't about Britney, it's a dead-ringer for the super star. This song is a slower but much harsher angry love song simply because of the lyrics. Almost everyone has felt like telling their estranged lovers "cry me a river" at some point in their relationship.
  7. "Angry Johnny" – Poe. This falls under the indie-type genre, and many feel it's a very angry love song. The lyrics are pretty much explicit, yet it still has an awesomely great beat to it.
  8. "Call Me When You're Sober" – Evanenscene. This is another song about lovers gone wrong all because of a substance abuse case. Amy Lee has amazing vocals that can translate so many different kind of emotions, but in this song it's all about anger.
  9. "Hit The Road Jack" – Ray Charles. While this is an upbeat song, it's still an angry love song to consider. Jamming this angry love song while driving down the road will make you feel oh-so-much better in a few seconds.
  10. "Shut Up" – Black Eyed Peas. This song has an upbeat tempo, as most Black Eyed Peas songs, but the lyrics are harsh and awesomely angry. This song is one to listen to when you are trying to see past your anger to be in a great mood. It will still make you hate your estranged lover even more.
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