10 Apartment Decorating Ideas For Men

If you are an individual that could use 10 apartment decorating ideas for men, then let this list rescue you from your domestic dilemma. With a little effort, and a few particular purchases, you can turn your apartment into a cool, comfortable haven for happiness.  It will be an apartment that you look forward to coming home to. It also doesn't hurt to apply some decorating ideas that will make your love interests feel right at home.

  1. Choose some themes. What kind of apartment are you decorating here: "the man cave," "the romance hotel," "the sports bar," "the exotic arena," or just "the peaceful sanctuary?" It is necessary to choose either an over all theme for your entire apartment, or maybe for each room, but definitely have a concept for your living room, to inform your decisions about colors and ornaments so they make sense. 
  2. Repaint the walls. One simple apartment decorating idea that men may be interested in is painting your dark walls lighter colors to give the illusion that the rooms are bigger. Paint the ceiling too to make it looker higher. Some light blues, sandy beiges, or lemon yellows can make the rooms in your apartment feel more inviting. Acrylic paints are cheaper and don't have that horrid smell. 
  3. Funky furniture. After you have established a color scheme in your rooms, find furniture that compliments these colors, or that have fun patterns and fabrics. The idea is to decorate, but also be comfortable, so avoid couches that hog up your entire living room – or a table too small to actually entertain more than yourself. 
  4. Pictures and Posters. If you have favorite movies, countries, theater plays, painters, or artwork, get framed posters of it up on the walls. Your apartment walls will make you and your guests cry with boredom from just staring at plain paint. Jazz it up with some colorful and affordable portraits. 
  5. Don't waste space. Conserving space by getting rid of excess junk and buying closet organizers to make more closet space are crucial decorating ideas. Giving your apartment some breathing room by ridding yourself of clutter could give you extra room that you didn't realize you had, and maybe make you some extra money on Ebay or a garage sale. 
  6. Display your stuff. Don't hide your achievements and memorable souvenirs, hang them up or buy shelves to display them on. These can not only be great conversation pieces when you have a new lady friend visiting, but also they provide simple inspiration when you are sad or are feeling complacent and stuck in your life. 
  7. Retro appliances. You can decorate your apartment with an immediate worldly style by seeking out antique appliances that have personal or cultural significance to your own ethnicity, or your favorite vacation spots. This way your apartment will have a stylish touch that is more personal than just buying the newest toaster or plate set from Target or Walmart, that everyone has. 
  8. Beverage Bar. Unless you plan on being a completely lonely hermit, consider setting up a beverage bar to use to serve guests alcohol, or even just tea, coffee, soft drinks, or hot chocolate. It doesn't have to be huge, or to even have bar stools. It can be a cabinet stocked with various wine, liquor, a coffee maker, and an espresso machine. 
  9. Bedroom Paradise. This room should be the most personalized, reflecting your interests and personality with posters, collectibles, favorite colors, and your awards and memorable pictures displayed. It should be like a comfortable museum that defines you, and makes you look forward to returning to after a long day out in the world. You can let loose with your ideas because not everyone will be going in your bedroom. 
  10. Mood lighting. Invest in some lighting fixtures or lamps, but avoid harsh bulbs. The idea is to decorate your apartment with light that is relaxing, soothing possibly romantic, but not strong to the point of straining everyone's eyes. 
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