10 Apartment Layout Ideas For Men

10 apartment layout ideas for men include designs incorporating traditional looks to avant guard, cutting-edge pads. Before beginning any planning steps, it's important to determine your personal style and tastes. Matching these to the apartment layout ideas will mean that the final result will be most enjoyable when everything in the layout is put in place. 

  1. Kitchen Featured. This manly layout idea is all cuisine and uses the kitchen as the focal point of the entire apartment. Hang racks to feature pots and pans and bring in some extra butcher block and cutting tables to extend out into an informal or formal dining area. Place a formal dining table and chairs in the center of the formal living room to complete the look. 
  2. Gym Featured. For the person who loves to work out, this apartment idea for a man features gym equipment and allows space for all the machines necessary for a daily workout. The dining room area should have a machine or two, depending on the size, and a high counter juice bar with stools that double as the regular dining area. The living room features your favorite machines, or free weights, with a large-screen television set and media equipment. 
  3. Bath Focused. This layout idea for a guy's man cave features water and the bath. The main room layout incorporates a spa or steam room and the furniture has canvas, cushioned chaises and beach chairs. Cover the floor in rush mats and add an outdoor table made from teak for dining. 
  4. Emphasis on the View. This apartment layout idea only works if your apartment has a number of windows with an outstanding view. The layout uses a collection of coordinating chairs, sofas and love seats and positions the furniture facing the view. Add a dining table behind the view seat, so that diners still are able to see out the windows, and the layout is complete. 
  5. All Bed. The apartment layout idea for men that incorporates the bedroom is a popular plan. The main room features two king-sized beds placed side to side to make a major layout statement. Add a few casual chairs covered in cotton fabric with cushy, pillows and the layout keeps the nighttime theme. Kitchen chairs are puffy stools with pillow backs and the bedroom completes the design with yet another large bed. Invite your friends for a giant sleep over in this apartment layout for men. 
  6. Artist's Loft. The artist's loft layout features your art medium of choice. It may be silk screening, painting or photography. Use the living and dining room as one space and set up your equipment. Add a few cushy chairs around the perimeter for your guests to watch the action. The bedroom is the gallery for the final product. 
  7. Music Studio. The apartment layout ideas for mean that incorporates a music studio in the apartment is perfect for a musician. The living and dining room area are all studio, while the kitchen and bedroom have more traditional components. The bedroom features speakers and playback equipment to enjoy a full day of work in the main living areas. 
  8. Flexible and Casual. This apartment layout plan for men incorporates cushy, modern chairs with tasteful wheels to keep the layout flexible for modification at any time during the year. The casual seating is complemented by industrial-type tables in the dining area, also featuring wheels for easy reorganization. 
  9. Formal Den. If you're into the formal design of a wood-paneled den, then a formal apartment layout idea that incorporates leather sofas and chairs and a host of wooden bookcases to cover the walls is an idea that may appeal to you. Cover the tall headboard in tufted leather and you'll have a coordinated layout.
  10. Emphasis on Height. Everyone in this apartment layout is elevated, with tall barstools and counters. The living room features a wood loft with a ladder so guests can use sofas on either level. Place artwork at both levels to create the feeling of dual living spaces. This apartment layout works best for places with high ceilings. 
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