10 Apartment Living Room Ideas

Decorating an apartment is harder than decorating a house, especially when trying to decorate a living room, so here are 10 apartment living room ideas. People often avoid putting any effort into decorating apartments, since apartments are seen as shorter term living arrangements. However, putting in the effort to personalize your living space will make you feel more at ease in your home.

  1. Decorate the walls.  Most apartments have rules about painting walls in apartments. If painting is a no go in your apartment, don't fret. There are several walls to make your living room walls less boring. Framed art is an excellent place to start. Make sure that the pieces complement each other, or your walls will just look cluttered. Another option is covering the walls with tapestries.
  2. Coordinate your furniture. Coordinated furniture can go a long way in pulling the look of your apartment living room together. As a general rule, don't mix woods, such as oak and cherry. If your existing furniture pieces don't coordinate with each other, than an easy solution is painting or staining.
  3. Think about your floor plan when choosing furniture. If your apartment is a small one bedroom apartment, then owning a huge sectional may be a bad choice. Large pieces of furniture can clutter a smaller sized apartment living room. If your apartment isn't very big, then smaller couches are a safe bet. The same rule applies to other furniture such as entertainment centers. Armoires may be a better choice to house your television if you're limited on space.
  4. Don't fret about ugly carpet. One of the serious downfalls of apartment living is the carpeting. It's often just plain ugly. Seeing as how you can't change it, covering it is your next best option. Large area rugs are a good choice for covering that less than pleasing carpet you got stuck with. Area rugs are also helpful when it comes to protecting the existing carpeting from further damage.
  5. Choose attractive items that can serve more than one purpose. Another downfall of apartment living is lack of space. Apartment living rooms often get used as a catch all. There are lots of things available that can help with that problem. For example, storage ottomans are useful in apartments, as they offer storage, as well as seating. Choose your living room items wisely, as choosing carefully can give you a mix of function and attractiveness.
  6. Decorative mirrors can serve a purpose. Decorative mirrors do more than just look pretty. Hanging mirrors in strategic locations can make your apartment living room seem larger. Decorative mirrors also help to lighten up typically dark rooms.
  7. Don't disregard the sofa with the ugly pattern. While shopping for an affordable sofa for apartment living rooms, a problem that many people encounter is a problem with the existing upholstery. If you find yourself looking at an otherwise great couch, go ahead and get it. Undesirable upholstery can be easily fixed by using couch covers.
  8. Try and pick a common theme for the room. A major decorating problem many people are faced with is that their apartment living room doesn't mesh with itself. This is caused by items in the room that don't coordinate with other items. Pick some kind of theme for your living room and stick with it. If an item doesn't go with the theme of the room, then find another place in your apartment for it. 
  9. Don't worry about damaging the walls. There are plenty of options for hanging things on walls these days that don't require putting holes in the walls. head to your local home improvement store to check out the available options. Many new products can even support larger amounts of weight than in previous times.
  10. Don't neglect the windows. An easy and often un-thought of decorating idea for apartment living rooms is window treatments. The blinds that come standard issue in apartments are boring and institutional. Curtains are a very easy fix. There are a wide variety of curtains available, so you will have no trouble finding a style to suit the style of your living room.
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