10 Apartment Storage Ideas

Here are 10 apartment storage ideas that will maximize the space you have, even in the smallest places. If closet space is at a premium you can keep your space organized with a few simple ideas that don’t take much time or money.

  1. Under the bed. Under the bed is often underutilized space that is great for storing out of season clothes. Storage bins that are designed to fit under the bed don’t always fit, so measure the height of your bed frame for clearance first. Just because it says under the bed doesn’t mean it will fit there. Under the bed alternatives would be space bags or giant plastic zipper lock bags for storage.
  2. Back of the door. Any door can be utilized for storage. Use the back of the bathroom door for a robe or towels. Closet or bedroom doors can hold belts, scarves, or shoes. The shoe dividers that hang on the back of a door can be used to store other small items too, like socks.
  3. Shelf art. Floating shelves on the wall are a great way to create an artistic means of storage. Pictures, collectibles or books can be stored in an attractive manner this way. Build or purchase bookcases to create even more storage.
  4. Storage within storage. Why not use suitcases to store out of season clothes? Any suitcases, duffel bags or other containers that take up room should be utilized to the max.
  5. Maximize your space. Use counter tops, shelf units or windowsills to store books or other small items. Buy collapsible hanger systems that provide multiple items to be hung in the same space as one item. Shelf units for kitchen cupboards provide additional room to stack plates or bowls using the vertical space to the best advantage.
  6. Double duty furniture. Purchase coffee tables, end tables and bedside tables that also have drawers or other storage compartments. If you have tables without storage consider covering them with a tablecloth and storing items under the tablecloth out of sight.
  7. Go up not out. Add shelves in closets to maximize the vertical space. Many kitchen cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling. Use that space for rarely used items that can be stored in attractive boxes or baskets. Get a shelf unit for over the toilet for additional bathroom storage.
  8. Make it artistic. Hang pots and pans from an overhead rack or wall-mounted rack. The accordion styled racks can be found at garage sales to hang hats, scarves or belts. Magnetic spice racks are attractive and can save valuable space in the kitchen. Even the steps on a stepladder can provide space for plants or other small items. Two stepladders and some boards can create an interesting shelving unit.
  9. Divide and hide. Use a room divider to create interest in the room. If placed in a corner of the room it will provide plenty of area behind it to store items out of sight.
  10. Repurpose. Reinvent a toy chest or other chest that will provide storage for blankets and provide bench seating too. Attractive boxes or baskets can be used to add decorative elements to the room and provide storage for small items. They can be tucked under tables, on bookshelves or any out of the way place. Old suitcases can be stacked attractively and used for storage as well.

Get creative–think of unique storage ideas for your small space. These 10 apartment storage ideas look great, are affordable and easy to do. Utilize every inch of space in your  place and keep it organized and clutter free.

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