10 Arm Wrestling Training Tips

These are 10 arm wrestling training tips to help you achieve success in the sport. Success at arm wrestling depends primarily on your technique and arm strength. However, the endurance of your wrist also plays a role as well as overall flexibility. Work at these 10 arm wrestling training tips to give yourself the edge, and avoid unnecessary injury.

  1. Use grippers to exercise your hands. This one of the 10 arm wrestling training tips is done to strengthen your hand and grip. Find grippers that have over a 100 pound resistance level.
  2. Perform lever lifts. Lever lifts are done to improve the strength of the wrists and forearms. Use a heavy dumbbell. Do curls and only bend at the wrists. Do not use the whole arm to lift the dumbbell.
  3. Towel pull ups. This one of the 10 arm wrestling training tips is much more effective than regular pull ups. Place two towels over the pull up bar. Grab the ends of the towels draping down with your palms facing each other, and do your pull ups. This works the lats, biceps and your wrists.
  4. Shoulder press. You will need your shoulder muscles in peak condition during a match because they give you extra strength and stability. Position yourself on a bench with a barbell behind your head and slightly rested on your shoulder. Lift it up until it's over your head. Do it slowly, you'll feel it targeting those shoulder muscles.
  5. Dumbbell extensions. This one of the 10 arm wrestling training tips is done to strengthen your triceps. You start out with a dumbbell held up over your head. Lower it back and down bending at your elbow until it's behind your head, by your shoulders. This will target the triceps on the back of your upper arms.
  6. Forearm curls. This can be performed with a standard dumbbell. Make sure to change up your motion range when curling. One set should be a full extension followed by a full contraction. Change it up with next set by adding weights and then go only to the middle of the extension and contraction.
  7. Dumbbell hammer curls. This one of the 10 arm wrestling training tips is essential for the necessary back pressure to pull off a really good top roll move. Hold the dumbbell down to your side. Lift it up slowly in a forward motion while bending your elbow. Do this until one end can almost touch your chest area.
  8. Heavy partials. These are barbell curls and are necessary in order to build bicep up strength. Adjust safety arms to same height as your pecs. Load your barbell like you would do for a smaller rep routine since you are only going to be doing the top part of the rep. Start at chest level, and curl up to shoulder level. Hold for a three count. Lower barbell down, slowly.
  9. Wrist rotations. Building strength in the wrists is fundamental to being able to initiate an effective top roll. This one of the 10 arm wrestling training tips is a favorite of arm wrestlers, and is fairly simple. You can use a sledge hammer for this exercise. Sit down with your forearm resting on your knee. Rotate the weight either outside, or inside. Start out lightly with this one.
  10. Dumbbell row. This exercise works the upper back muscles. Place your left hand and knee on a bench while holding a dumbbell in your right hand. Pull the dumbbell up towards your chest.
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