10 Army Wife Tattoos

Wondering which 10 Army wife tattoos are most popular? Wives across the nation are showing support for their spouses by having various tattoos placed on their bodies. If an Army wife is undecided about which tattoo she would like, visiting websites or a local tattoo parlor can allow plenty of time to choose the perfect one.

  1. Dog tags. The dog tag design is a popular Army wife tattoo that comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Placed around a wrist or ankle (with or without your spouse's name), they are perfect for showing the world you are an Army wife.
  2. An American eagle. Black and white, colored versions or partially draped in a flag, American eagle tattoos come in various sizes and are extremely popular among Army wives. Consider the location of the tattoo before choosing the style.
  3. Guns. Different versions include one gun or more with hats, skulls or a flag displayed with the guns. Choose horizontal or vertical versions for the perfect Army wife tattoo.
  4. The American flag. Over a hundred versions of the American flag are available online and at tattoo parlors across the country. Some include other items, such as an eagle, a rose or wording around the flag.
  5. A heart and wings. The heart and wings tattoo comes in a number of styles and colors and is great for an Army wife. Some versions have an area inside the tattoo for a name to be placed.
  6. Praying hands. Praying hands are popular for believers. Variations of the praying hands tattoo can include the spouse's name added below or above the hands.
  7. A grenade. The grenade tattoo comes in a black outline version or the traditional green. Some grenade tattoos have sayings or other artwork or caricatures included for the Army wife who wants an edgy tattoo.
  8. A yellow ribbon. The yellow ribbon tattoo comes with or without your spouse's name on it. The looped yellow ribbon can also have a flag peeking through it. Decide which version of this tattoo is best for you.
  9. A cross. Many variations of this Army wife tattoo exist in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Choose the size of the cross as determine where the tattoo will be placed.
  10. Your spouse's name. Design this Army wife tattoo by yourself or let the tattoo artist do it. A number of factors to consider are letter style, color, size, boldness and placement .
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