10 Aruba Scuba Diving Tips

If you're a connoisseur of diving or are planning to visit Aruba and want to try something exciting and new then this list of 10 Aruba scuba diving tips is for you. Not only can you learn what to do to prepare for your trip, but you can find out what to look out for once you arrive in Aruba. Here is your list to learn about 10 Aruba scuba diving tips.

  1. Learn about Aruba. Aruba is part of the Lesser Antilles and is a popular vacation spot for Americans and Venezuelans due to the many miles of beaches, tropical weather and shopping. There is plenty to do and a plethora of shipwrecks to explore when scuba diving.
  2. Find out about places to go. As stated, there are many shipwrecks in Aruba to scuba dive to, including the largest shipwreck in the entire Caribbean. Find out which shipwreck you'd like to explore or which location is best for scuba diving. You can do this in advance by searching online or book an excursion through your cruise ship if that is how you plan to visit Aruba.
  3. Know what to look for. Aruba has many beautiful sea creatures to see and some can be dangerous such as moray eels, stingrays and barracudas. Find out from your guide if the area you want to dive is known for these creatures and what to do in case you encounter one.
  4. Find a reputable dive guide. There are approximately 21 or so dive sites that can be visited in Aruba. Find a dive guide that has a reputation of being safe, fair and knowledgeable. This can be done by asking around or searching online for organic reviews by other customers.
  5. Decide if you'll bring your own equipment or rent. If you are cruising to Aruba you'll most likely rent your dive equipment but if you are an avid diver you may plan to fly there and bring your equipment with you.
  6. Always have a buddy or group with you. Diving by yourself isn't safe no matter where you are at so bring someone with you and dive in a team.
  7. Know your limitations. Obviously if you're a pro then you may have an idea of what you can do while diving but if this is your first time you'll have a training class first as long as you let the guide know and have it set up beforehand. Let the excursion guide know that you have not dived before if that is the case.
  8. Be courteous of others. Even if you already know all about what the guide is saying to the rest of the divers, listen up and be quiet during his speech. Not only is it rude to interrupt but it can be dangerous for you and others.
  9. Always let someone know where you'll be. If other family members aren't going diving as well, let them know which company you plan to use for your trip and which area you'll be diving just in case there are any problems. If someone knows where you are they'll know where to look for you in case there is an emergency or you are left behind. This is rare but it has happened.
  10. Follow all safety measures. Don't skimp on safety. Even if you've dived in Aruba in the past things change such as water currents and sea life. Always follow safety measures as if it is your first dive.

This list on 10 Aruba scuba diving tips should get you started on enjoying your dive. Have fun and enjoy your dive but be safe by learning the basics of diving in Aruba.

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