10 Athletes Who Studied Latin

There are many requisites for students in Europe, one of which is Latin, and these 10 athletes who studied Latin are just a few of those who have spent many hours studying this old language. Maybe they liked it or maybe it was a mandatory class for their degree, either way they are masters of their sport.

  1. Margherita Granbassi. She is beautiful and intelligent, a powerful combination that makes any woman the queen bee. She loves fencing. Wherever she is she grabs the attention of everyone when participating in World Championships. Recently she became a dancing star thanks to a famous TV program.
  2. Francesca Piccinini. A very talented female volleyball player in Germany and a World Champion with a well deserved gold medal. She does her best when playing and tries to cheer on her team when they are facing a difficult situation. She has also done many professional sexy photo shoots.
  3. Carolina Kostner. This gorgeous woman is known for being a talented figure skater. She always has tips for her choreographer and impresses the public when she performs amazing figure skating routines. As a student she had to fill the requisite to learn at least some Latin words.
  4. Sara Galimberti. Whenever she has the opportunity to run she will do it giving it her all. Not only is she a good athlete but she is also Miss Loambardia. This raises her popularity among men. It also seems that she will have a very promising modeling career in the future.
  5. Sabrina Ferilli. Being born in Rome it seems natural for her to know Latin. She might not be a professional athlete, but she is an avid fan of AS Roma Soccer Club.  She works her body extremely hard, showing off a perfect athletic shape. Excuse enough to include her on this list.
  6. Laura Sparacino. In the vast world of body building her muscles have a well recognized place. Fitness is her main domain.  She is another athlete who also participates in lovely modeling photo shoots.
  7. Manuela Di Lauro. She is a successful veteran fitness athlete. She not only focuses herself in working her muscles but she also has many other skills like dancing and practicing aerobics.
  8. Flavia Zoccari. She is an athlete that is well known for being a gifted swimmer. Proudly born in Rome, her knowledge of Latin is mandatory, at least at a basic level. At an event she had an unlucky incident when her swimsuit suddenly ripped off showing her bottom. It was a very embarrassing incident for her career.   
  9. Federica Pellegrini. She is on her way to becoming a top world class swimmer. Born in August 5th 1988 Pellegrini always participates in big championships like Olympic Games, European Championships and Mediterranean Games. She prefers freestyle to show her honed skills.        
  10. Flavia Pennetta. Her destiny in tennis started at the very young age of 5 years when her father showed her the fun side of playing this sport. Since then she has trained hard to become a complete player. Thanks to the professional coaching of Gabriel Urpi she has developed a refined tennis style. Italy is very proud to have this beautiful athlete.
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